Bak Poya & Wesak Activites

Bak Full Moon Poya  Program and  Dhamma class will be held on on Sunday, April 28 , 2013, from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm at the Georgia Buddhist Vihara.  We invite you all to join the program.


7:30am – 8:30am: Observance of the eight Precepts, Buddha Puja and Heel Dana.

8:30am – 9:00am: Tea & coffee break

9:00am – 10: 00am: Vipassana Meditation.

10:00am-11-am:  Sutra Discussion; Cula Gopalaka  Sutta: The Shorter Discourse on the Cowherd (English)

11:20am – 12:00 Noon: Dana offering to the monks and those who observe eight precepts. For more information please feel free to contact the Vihara at 770-987-8442.)


12:00Noon – 1:00pm Luncheon

1:00 – 4:30 pm Discussion will be base on Abhidhamma by Dr. Deepta Jayaratne

1:30-4:00pm  Dhamma Class

2:30 – 2:45pm: Break.

5:30 pm:  Termination of the Sil Gilanpasa Pujava


Upcoming Event: Wesak

Dear all,
Daham Pasala will be held on Sunday April the 28th. We hope that everyone attends. After Daham Pasala we will have a meeting to discuss the plans for Vesak Day Celebrations. Vesak is a very important day in Buddhism as we all know. It is important to remember and celebrate this festive day with traditional religious and cultural activities. We hope that everyone will take part and contribute to the activities by offering their ideas and support.

The current planned activities are:
-Hopper stall
Devotees will make hoppers to earn proceeds to support Georgia Buddhist Vihara. Please come and enjoy this delicious treat and support our values.

-Dan sala 

Sila Campaign
Bakthi geetha-Primary Daham pasala children have already been given the song and we plan to practice it on the 28th.Please encourage your child to memorize it. The Older kids will be trained by  Daminda and Sumudu Manamendra.It would be nice to have a parent Bakthi Geetha group as well.

Vesak latern(kudu) making and competition
We hope that everyone builds a Vesak Kudu. Please encourage the entire family to add to the creativity. Use the Vesak kudu as a family activity and build and decorate it to represent the family and share the beauty and brightness of light with everyone by bringing in the finished lantern to the temple to illuminate. Please join  by participating in a friendly competition afterwards. A contest will be held to pick the best one and the winner will be awarded a small prize.

Hope to see you all with your contribution of ideas and support to make this event a success,


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