Upcoming Events - Katina Season 2022

 Upcoming Events - Katina Season 2022

Katina Program:

5.00 AM : Bringing the Katina Cheevara to the Vihara
                 Offering the Katina Cheevara to Maha Sanga 
6.00 AM : Morning Buddha Pooja and Heel Dana
8.30 AM : Dhamma Discussion
10.30 AM: Besajja Pindapatha
11.00 AM: Buddha Pooja and Dana
1.30 PM : Katina Perahara
2.30 PM : Katina Cheevara Pooja Ceremony 
                Katina Anisansa Dhamma Deshana in Sinhala by Baminiyanvila Dammaloka Thero
4.30 PM : Atavisi Buddha Pooja
5.00 PM : End of Program
Dana Signup (LINK)
Pindapatha item sign-up (LINK)

FOOD FAIR (SALPILA) ON 9/24/2022 at 4.30PM


Dear friends,
We would like to invite you to come and enjoy authentic Sri Lankan cuisine at the Sri Lankan Food Fair at Georgia Buddhist Vihara on September 24th 2022 at 4:30 pm.

String Hoppers
Lumprais(preorder to save yours)

Short eats:
pastries, wadai, fish buns, hot dogs, takeout uncooked Chinese rolls(can be preordered)
Sweets and other- falooda/ice coffee, create your own ice cream sundaes, create your own s’mores, cookies, cupcakes etc

In addition there will be homemade jarred pickles, and chili paste and plant sale.
Also, there will be games and fun events for kids including face painting.

Please join us to raise funds while having a fun


Dhamma Sermon on Saturday September 10th, 8.00PM


Dear Devotees of Georgia Buddhist Vihara and Friends,

We warmly invite you for the Dhamma Deshana on Saturday, September 10th. The Dhamma talk will be given in English by Venerable Muruthamure Pangnaloka thero (a visiting monk).
Please join us in person at the vihara premises or virtually to participate in this meritorious deed.

The program is as follows:
6:30 pm: Tea and Refreshments
7:00 pm: Atavisi Buddha pooja
8:00 pm: Dhamma Dheshana
9:00 pm: Dinner from the hosting families

In order to facilitate the dinner for the attendees, if you plan to attend in person, kindly sign up using the link below.


If you are joining virtually, please use the following zoom link to join.


With Metta,
Lasantha and Wathsala (Hosting family) 

Binara Poya Program - Saturday September 10th

The Binara Poya will be observed on Saturday, September 10th, from 7.30 am to 6.30 pm at Georgia Buddhist Vihara. 

Binara Poya (Full moon day) commemorates the establishment of the Bhikkhuni Order in Gautama Buddha Sasana.On the initiative of the Maha Prajapati Gotami, after many requests by her, the Buddha allowed the woman folk to enter the order.

The enlightened one laid down eight important rules and conditions called Garudharma, or Code of Conduct, and the Bhikkhunis were instructed strictly to follow them.

Sign up for the program

7:30 am
– 8:00 am
Observation of Eight Precepts
and Vandana by Bhante Bodhi
8:00 am
– 8:50 am
Heel Dana
9:00 am
– 11:00 am
Guided Meditation and Dhamma Deshana
By Bhante Buddhi / Bhante Boddhi
11:00 am
– 11:10 am
11:10 am
– 11:30 am
Buddha Poojawa by Bhante Bodhi 
11:30 am
– 1:00 pm
Daval Daana and Break
1:00 pm
– 2:15 pm
Dhamma Deshana
by Bhante Piyananda
2:15 pm
– 2:30 pm
2:30 pm
– 3:45 pm
Sutta Discussion & Dhamma Deshana
Bhante Buddhi / Bhante Boddhi
3:45 pm
– 4:00 pm
4:00 pm
– 5:45 pm
Dhamma Discussion and Q&A Session 
By Bhante Deepankara
5:45 pm
Observation of Five Precepts for those who observe Sil, Punnyanumodana, and Conclusion by Bhante Deepankara

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