Sri Lankan New Year celebration

Dear Friends and Devotees,

Sri Lankan New Year celebration will be held on the   Saturday, April 16th, 2011 at the Georgia Buddhist Vihara, 3153 Miller Rd, Lithonia,  GA 30038.

10.15 am Lighting the oil lamp.
10.30 am Significance of the New Year
11.00am Buddha Puja
11.30 am Dana for the Maha Sangha
12. Noon Pirith chanting an offering of the sheaf of betel leaves to
the monks and parents.

12.40pm Luncheon for the guests
1.45 pm Cultural Events begins with traditional dancing.

Note: Parents should bring present for around $5 (wrapped and labeled with child’s name) for each of your children so that all the children will get a useful present.

Volunteers are needed to bring the material for each game and to organize and conduct the games.  Anyone who is willing to help, please contact the Vihara also, your generous donations for more children's gifts are appreciated.

Following food menu has been suggested and any variations are welcome.  Those who are interested may also bring curries to go with rice for Dana & lunch for guests.  Expected turn out is 100.  Three families can share bringing each food item. Please signup for food items form this link.


Following games have been suggested for the children and any changes are welcome.

Spoon & lime race
Sack Race
Three legged race
Duck race
Freeze statue
So what’s the secret
Balloon blowing
Donut eating contest
Pin the tail on the donkey
Wheelbarrow game
Pin-a ta
Any other

We are seeking your contribution in making this event a success.  Please feel free to forward this email to anybody who is interested to attend.

Game & Activities Sign Up Sheet (New Year 2015)

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Game & Activities Sign Up Form (New Year 2015)

Games & Activities

Please feel free to sign-up for any game or activity that are not in the list.
We kindly seek volunteers to organize games.
  • Traditional New-year Games 
  • Bursting balloons (Children)
  • Bun eating competition (Children)
  • Placing the eye on the elephant (Adults)
  • OW, Na, Ba (open)
  • Musical chairs (Children)
  • Musical chairs (Female)
  • Musical chairs (Male)
  • Running in sacks (Children)
  • Running in sacks (Adults)
  • Pacing with a lime on a spoon (Adults)
  • Insert the thread through the eye of the needle (couple)

Please add one game or activity at one time.
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New Year 2015 Sign Up Spred Sheet

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New Year Celebration 2015 Sign Up Form

Suggested Food Items

Milk Rice Katta Sambal Sinis Sambal
Rice Fried Rice Fish Ambulthiyal
Grem Beans Parippu Ala Curry/Baduma

Achcharu Cutlets Pol Sambal
Egg Palnt Curry Papadam Kola Mallum

Kavum Kokis Mungguli
Veli Thalapa Aluwa Mung Kavum
Sandwiches Cutlets Patties
Rolls Cookies

Ice Cream Fruit Salad Pudding
Chocolate Cake Jello Banana

Disposable Plates Disposable cups Napkins
Disposable cups spoons and Forks Paper towels
Botted Water Soft Drinks

Tea or Coffee Coffee Cream Sugar

Please feel free to sign-up for other food items.

Please add one food item at one time.
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COVID -19 GBV Message

The Georgia Buddhist Vihara has decided to cancel all group and public activities (such as Sunday’s public meditation sessions, Sunday School for children, Pali classes, monthly Poya observances, etc.) until further notice in order to prioritize our community’s health and wellbeing.

The Dhamma School, Wednesday and Sunday discussion Sessions are conducted online.

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