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Suggested Food Items

Milk Rice Katta Sambal Sinis Sambal
Rice Fried Rice Fish Ambulthiyal
Grem Beans Parippu Ala Curry/Baduma

Achcharu Cutlets Pol Sambal
Egg Palnt Curry Papadam Kola Mallum

Kavum Kokis Mungguli
Veli Thalapa Aluwa Mung Kavum
Sandwiches Cutlets Patties
Rolls Cookies

Ice Cream Fruit Salad Pudding
Chocolate Cake Jello Banana

Disposable Plates Disposable cups Napkins
Disposable cups spoons and Forks Paper towels
Botted Water Soft Drinks

Tea or Coffee Coffee Cream Sugar

Please feel free to sign-up for other food items.

Please add one food item at one time.
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