New Year Blessings 2015

Georgia Buddhist Vihara warmly invites you, your families, and friends to spend the New Year with us with thoughts of loving kindness, and to confer blessings, For good health and happiness.

The New Year is the time to open the door to new beginnings and new resolves, new hopes with positive thoughts of kindness, forgiveness and compassion.

May all beings be happy, and content - May all be free from suffering, fear, and anxiety!

May all your wishes come true - May you remain healthy and peaceful!

Our Program for the day:
January 1st 2015

10.30 a.m.   Gathering
11.00 a.m.  – Buddha Pooja
11.30 a.m.  – Dana for the monks  
12.00 n.n.   – Lunch to all participants
  1.00 p.m.  – Dharma Deshana delivered by Ven Aluthgama Chandananda Thero
                       and simultaneously 
                      Dhamma Class for children conduct by Dr. Deepta Jayaratne
  2.00 pm  – Pirit Chanting            

Atavisi Buddha Pooja

The Path

Katina Dharma Deshana

All Dhamma Deshana will be available here.

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