Katina Ceremony

Dear Devotees and Friends of Georgia Buddhist Vihara,

2020 Katina

  • Mr Kumara Madagma 
  • Mrs, Devika Weerasinghe, 
  • Mr & Mrs, Suresha and Dilhan Fernando, 
  • Mr & Mrs, Thalanka and Varuna Buwaneka, 
  • Mr & Mrs, Vathsala and Lasantha Rathnayaka 
  • Mrs, Dung Nugen Families.

Upcoming Annual Katina Sponsors:
2021: Dr. Manjula and Mrs. Dashima Dharmawardane family
2022: Drs. Luminda and Kisa Kulasiri family/Drs. Ajith and Harsha family
2023: Dr. Deeptha and Mrs. Thaniya Jayarathne family

Previous Years Katina Sponsors:
2019: Drs Ranga/Ayesha Jayasinghe Family (Sponsors 2019 Katina GBV) (Photos)

2018: Mr and Dr, Niroshena and Erosha Jayawardana family(Photos)
2017: Dr. & Mrs.  Amarasinghe family and Mr. & Mrs. Dhaminda and Sumudu  Manamendra families.
2016: Mr. & Mrs. Saratha and Sujeewa Weeraseka (Photo
2015: Dr. & Mrs. Deeptha and Taniya Jayarathne (Photo)
2014: Mr & Mrs. Uditha and Ruwani Walivita (Photo)
2013: Mr & Mrs. Gayan and Dhammi Hapugoda
2012: Mr & Mrs. Ranjith and Roshini Siyasena (Photos)
2011: Mr & Mrs Janaka and Nishani Silva (Photo)
2010: Mr & Mrs. Prasanna and Kumudu Wickramasuriya
2009: Mr. & Mrs. Daminda and Sumudu Manamendra (Photo)
2008: Dr. & Mrs. Deeptha and Taniya Jayarathne (Video) (Photo)
2007:  Mr. & Mrs.  Ushan and Chami Subasinghe (Video) (Photo)
2006:  Mr. & Mrs. Laxman and Anoja Wickramaracci (Photo)
2005: Drs. Ananda & Chandra & Drs. Unil & Shrima Perera (Photos)
2004: Mr. & Mrs. Viduranga and Haridra Jayarathne
2003: Mr. & Mrs. Vishaka and Adris Piyatilake
2002: Drs. Lalith & Manori Silva (Photos)

COVID -19 GBV Message

The Georgia Buddhist Vihara has decided to cancel all group and public activities (such as Sunday’s public meditation sessions, Sunday School for children, Pali classes, monthly Poya observances, etc.) until further notice in order to prioritize our community’s health and wellbeing.

The Dhamma School, Wednesday and Sunday discussion Sessions are conducted online.

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