37 Qualities Leading to Awakening (Bodhipakkiya)

37 Qualities Leading to Awakening (Bodhipakkiya)
CategoriesPali termsEnglish translation
4 Foundations of Mindfulness

KayanupassanaMindfulness of the body
VedanupassanaMindfulness of the feelings/sensations
CittanupassanaMindfulness of the mind/mental processes
DhammanupassanaMindfulness of phenomena/reality/Dhamma
4 Right Efforts

SaṃvarappadhānaṃEffort to prevent unarisen, unwholesome states of mind from arising
PahānappadhānaṃEffort to abandon unarisen, unwholesome states of mind from arising
BhāvanāppadhānaṃEffort  to develop unarisen wholesome states of mind
AnurakkhaṇappadhānaṃEffort to develop and perfect arisen wholesome states of mind
4 Means to Accomplishment

ChandaDesire (or will) to act (this is a positive quality, NOT to be confused with lobha, desire as greed)
5 Faculties

SaddhāConfidence/faith in the Buddha
5 Powers

SaddhāFull development of Confidence/faith in the Buddha
ViriyaFull development of Energy
SatiFull development of Mindfulness
SamādhiFull development of Concentration
PaññāFull development of Wisdom
7 Enlightenment Factors

DhammavicayaInvestigation of the Dhamma/reality (investigation into mental and material phenomena as they really are)
8 Path Factors

Sammā-diṭṭhiRight View (wisdom in understanding the Four Noble Truths and knowledge of kamma)
Sammā-sankappaRight Intention (intention directed towards renunciation, intention directed towards good will in order to overcome hatred, and intention directed towards harmlessness to overcome violence)
Sammā-vācāRight Speech (refraining from false speech, malicious speech, harsh speech, and idle chatter)
Sammā-kammantaRight Action (refraining from killing, stealing, and sensual/sexual misconduct)
Sammā-ājivaRight Livelihood
Sammā-vāyāmaRight Effort (same as 4 Right Efforts [Sammappadhāna] listed above)
Sammā-satiRight Mindfulness (same as 4 Foundations of Mindfulness [Satipaṭṭhāna] listed above)
Sammā-samādhiRight Concentration (development of the 4 jhānic stages)

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