Annual Kathina Maha Pinkama

Katina refers to the offering of  a special robe (katina civara) carefully prepared by  pious laity and presented by them to monks who have completed the three-month period of retreat called Vas in Sinhala and Vassana in Pali (literally, ‘the period of rain’).  Katina literally means ‘firm’ or ‘solid,’ as the offering of a Katina robe helps one to earn good, solid karma. The Katina Ceremony has a history spanning more than 2500 years.  A special element of the Katina robe offering   is that it is not offered to an individual monk, but to the entire community of Sangha; to all noble disciples of the Buddha --  and not only to enlightened ones, but also to those monks yet to be enlightened.  The Katina robe can be offered only during a specified period at the end of the rains retreat, between the full-moon day of October and the full-moon day of November. It is a monastic tradition long preserved and observed by Buddhists all over the world, and is highly revered as a unique, once-yearly opportunity to acquire merit. Georgia Buddhist Vihara will celebrate Kathina on  3rd and 4th days of November ( below is the full program). This year Kathina Pinkama is sponsored by devout devotee; Mr and Mrs. Ranthith and Roshni Siyasena. You are invited to attend this meritorious Pinkama.




Saturday November 3rd

All night chanting (Pirith Deshanawa)

8.30 pm.- Commencement of chanting with a short admonition/ observance of precepts/ invitation to all deities .


Sunday November 4th

7.00 am—Buddha Pujawa

7.30 am – Pindapata &

Sangika Heel

Dana  (breakfast)

7.30 am—Breakfast for


08.00 am – A parade starts at the preaching hall and heading on to the Vihara pathway to main preaching hall with Buddhist flags and Robe. All are invited for this parade.

08.30  - Offering of Kathina Robe by devout Ranjith siyasena and Roshini siyasena and their family.

9.00 am—Dhamma Talk 1.

9.00 am—Dhamma Talk 2.

9.30 am – Termination.
The Georgia Buddhist Vihara cordially invites you to join in our Kathina celebration and all night chanting on November 3-4, 2012.

Kathina marks the end of the annual Vassana period (rains residence) for monastics. The lay community will present the special Kathina robe to the community of monastics along with many necessities such as food, clothing, and medicine.

We are honored to announce that devout Buddhist family, Mr. & Mrs. Ranjith, Roshini siyasena will be offering the Kathina robe and other requisites for the Sangha this year together with their family members and all others.

This year we have a major event, November 3rd chanting will be started at 8.30 pm. And on the 4th BREAKFAST (dana) for 10 monks from different traditions.


Kathina is a special ceremonial event. Kathina means unbreakable, strong, hard, firmness, or durability. Durability of what? Durability of the results of this great meritorious deed. It is an offering of a special robe to the community of monks and nuns. Today, Kathina has become quite an unparalleled event locally and internationally. It is celebrated at almost all Buddhist temples in the Theravada tradition. People are eager to participate in this special ceremony.

There are many conditions behind this event. That is why it has become an unparalleled event today. The Buddha Gotama himself has recommended this offering to the monks who observed three months (July – oct) rains retreat.

If you would like to bring food for the breakfast,


please contact Ranjith & Roshini siyasena

Home- 678 290 9287

Cell   - 770 527 3187

Temple- 770 987 8442

Your contributions are greatly appreciated.


With metta

Bante wajirabuddhi

Bante wajirakitti

Bante wajirabodhi

Ranjith and Roshini Siyasena





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