The Significance of Duruthu Poya Day

  • The Gautama Buddha’s first visit to Sri Lanka. (nine months after his Enlightenment, the Blessed One visited Mahiyangana, in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka. His mission was to restore peace, to create a state of freedom from war or violence.)

  • The Gautama Buddha,  offered Deity Sumana, some locks of hair. He placed it in an urn as a valuable Relic in the Mahiyangana Stupa.

  • the Buddha’s second visit was to Nagadipa, in the Jaffna District. The Awakened One, Buddha, visited Nagadipa, to settle a dispute between Mahodara and Chulodara, uncle and nephew respectively, who were about to wase war, to gain the ownership of a gem studded thrine. Buddha, saw this and arrived in Nagadipa, emphasizing the value of harmony and ill-effects of hatred and settled the dispute without blood-shed.

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