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Wednesday Meditation discussion summery. 4/15/2015

SN I.01 Oghatarana Sutta (Discourse on Crossing the Flood...)

 1. the flood: ogha: metaphorically, the waters of Craving, Wrong View and Ignorance which keep one submerged in the round of existences (samsara).

The Four oghas are:

 (i) Kama ogha: strong attachment to the five sensual pleasures:
 (ii) Bhava ogha: strong attachment to rebirth in the Fine, Material Sphere or the Non-material Sphere or to the attainment of Jhanas leading to these spheres;
 (iii) Ditthi ogha: the 62 wrong views (See Brahmajala Sutta, Silakkhandha Vagga, Digha Nikaya);
 (vi) Avijja ogha: Ignorance of the Truth.

2. If I remain still, I sink; Staying amidst sensual pleasures, and making no efforts to break away from them, one sinks to the tower realms. Or, in another sense, making no effort to get rid of demeritoriousness, one sinks to the depths of the four miserable states.

3. If I put forth strenuous effort, I drift: Striving for purification from defilement based on self-mortification sends one adrift in samsara. Or, in another sense, even if one does meritorious deeds while craving for the higher realms of existence, such efforts merely bring mundane merit and one drifts along in samsara.

4. One in whom asavas are extinct: brahmana: Meaning either a Buddha or an arahat. The brahma, designated as a certain deva in this discourse, had known Kassapa Buddha. Since the passing away of Kassapa Buddha many aeons passed before Gotama Buddha appeared in this world.

Nimokkha Sutta

1.Nimokkha-1-Sotāpanna Magga (pali), Srotāpanna (sanskrit)  "stream-winner"1
                      2-Sakadagam Magga, Path of once returning
                      3-Anagami MaggaPath of non returning
                      4-Arahatta Magga, Path of the worthy one or perfected one

2.Vimokkha- 1-Sotāpanna Phala   fruition of stream entry
                      2-Sakadagamiphala, fruition of once returning
                      3-Anagami phala, fruition of non returning
                      4-Arahatta phala, fruition of the worthy one or perfected one

3.Viveka-Resting, Ultimate happiness (Nibbana)

Samyutta Nikaya
Nimokkha Sutta S.N

1. Person who has eradicated the first three fetters (sanyojanas) of the mind, namely self-view (or identity), clinging to rites and rituals, and skeptical doubt (in Buddhadharma or the teachings of the Buddha). Sota-apanna literally means "one who entered (āpanna) the stream (sota)", after a metaphor which calls the Noble Eightfold Path, 'a stream' which leads to Nibbana or Nirvana (SN 55.5). Stream-entry (Sota-apatti) is the first of the four states of enlightenment. 
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