Estimate for waterproofing

J.Morris Enterprise Llc
3695 F Cascade Rd Suite 2207
Atlanta, Ga 30331
Phone: (404) 668-7796
Georgia Buddhist
3153 Miller Rd
Lithonia,, Ga 30038
(770) 987-8442
Payment Terms Due upon receipt
Invoice # 000044
Date 06/03/2016

Description Total
Waterproofing $13,300.00
Original normal water waterproofing without big rocks was .... $12,500... discounted. .. $3,000.00
which brings the total to .. $9,500.00.
An additional charge to rent strong backhoe and labor to extract big rock.... $1,200.00
An additional charge of $1,800. To frame retaining wall and 8 yrds of concrete.
An additional charge of $800.00 for 5 yrds of concrete to finish pouring retaining wall received on
June 2nd /2016
Total of. .. $16,300.00
Discounted. . $3,000.00
Total discounted balance .... $13,300.00
Money's received on may 23/ 2016...... $4,500.00
Money's received on may 28th /2016.... $3,000.00
Total Money's received. .. $8,300.00
Balance due is..... $5,000.00
Workmanship is guaranteed for 2 years, cannot guarantee any materials that might defective.
Subtotal $13,300.00
Total $13,300.00

06/03/2016 Cash Payment $8,300.00
Paid $8,300.00
Amount Due $5,000.00
All workmanship are guaranteed for one year. no guarantee on materials.

Jason Morris                                                                                                     Georgia Buddhist

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