Rains Retreat Observance Invitation (Vas Ārādhanā)

Rains Retreat Observance Invitation
(Vas Ārādhanā)

The Georgia Buddhist Vihara cordially invites you to participate this year Vas Aradhana (Rains Retreat Invitation) for resident monks on  Saturday, July 28th, 2018 from 5:45 pm to 6:45 p.m. at the Georgia Buddhist Vihara. This year Vas Aradhana will be performed by  Niroshena & Erosha Jayawardena family.

 5:40pm - Gathering & Preparation
 6.00pm - Observing precepts and worship
 6:30pm - Rains Retreat Invitation ceremony
 6:45pm - Anusasana

Atavisi Buddha Vandana Sign up Sheet

Atavisi Buddha Puja is offering obeisance to 28 past Buddhas including the present Gautama Buddha. This ancient devotional practice increases our affinity with infinite virtues of Buddhas and deepens and our commitment on the Path. In this event, we recite the names of past 28 Buddhas and make offerings to them individually. Traditionally this is performed to bring health, prosperity, and success.

We perform Atavisi Buddha Puja all three months in this Rains Retreat season. Please bring your family and friends to participate. Please arrive at the temple by 6:45 PM EST.

The devotees who bring Dana in the evening for the following day could sign up for the Atavisi Buddha Puja for the same evening.

This Rains Retreat season, we live stream Atavisi Buddha Puja on YouTube in every evening. That way one can continue to follow the "Sutta Deshana" that we are planning to discuss every day. 

Georgia Buddhist vihara YouTube live streaming link.

Atavisi Buddha Vandana Sign up Sheet

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