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50th Birthday and 30 years of Higher Ordination felicitation ceremony-Ven Panamwela  Wajirabbodhi Thero


You are cordially invited you to attend Venerable, Panamwela Wajirabodhi there's 50th Birthday and 30 years of higher ordination ceremony.   Venerable Wajirabodhi Thero was born in Panamwela village in the Matara District. He ordained as Samanera in 1980 at the Padhanagra Maha Vihara, the Dharmadutashrama College, Colombo 9, under the guidance of the late Dr. Parawahera Pangnananda nayaka Thera. After completing his monastic studies, he entered to the University of Keleniya, obtained B.A degree, an MA degree from Buddhist and Pali University.  Since 2003 he is living in Georgia Buddhist Vihara as a resident monk and vice-abbot.         

Venerable monks and devotees of the Georgia Buddhist Vihara organizing appreciation and gratification ceremony for him on following day.  
Date: November  24, 2018, at 4.00 p.m. (after Sunday School)
A special pinkama will be held with appreciation, blessing chanting  

Your participation is highly appreciated.

Katina Dharma Deshana

All Dhamma Deshana will be available here.

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