Aaloka Pooja - August 17th 2019, 7pm

Dear Friends in Dhamma,

We would like to extend a warm invitation to all the Devotees & friends of Georgia Buddhist Vihara to participate in the special candlelight offering (Aaloka Pooja) event on August 17th from 7 pm at Georgia Buddhist Vihara.


6.00 pm - 7 pm - Evening snack & Tea

7.30 pm - 9.00 pm - Buddha Pooja & Dhamma Deshana by Venerable Bhante Dhammaloka & Bhante Deepankara

9.00 pm - Lighting up the tea lights

9.30 pm - Dinner

Please find the following link to find more information & sign up (we truly appreciate your sign up in advance, as it facilitates arranging refreshments and organizing the event).

We hope to see you all at this great Meritorious event.

Thank you,
With Metta,

Rev. Banthe Wajirabuddhi -Georgia Buddhist Vihara
Ranga & Ayesha Jayasinghe Family (Host family- Katina 2019-Georgia Buddhist Vihara)

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