Items to Donate

Items to Donate

People often want to bring items with them to donate when they visit. Because people want to donate useful things, we provide this list of things that we use on a regular basis or need at this time.

Household essentials:
Paper plates (Large)  -300
Dessert cups  (Small)  -300
Disposable cups – medium – 300
Disposable Gloves – 10 pkts
Ziploc bags  - 5 pkts (2 sizes)
Paper napkins – 3 pkts
Trash bags -30 and 45 Gal -200 each
Paper Towels – 10 boxes
Kitchen towels
Wash clothes
Glass  food storage container with lid -  10 (Medium size for store dana at the refrigerator)

Water bottles –medium –  10
Water bottles – Small -10
Soft drinks -10
Biscuits -5 pkts
fish Oil (Omega-3)
Neosporn wound care
Sarna Anti-itch lotion

LED bulbs -20
LED series bulb sets -10
Wire cords – 5 (100 ft or over)
Rechargeable batteries – AA & AAA – 10 each
Dishwasher detergent – 3 bottles
Washing Machine detergents (HE) – 5 gals
Shower gel –
Kitchen cleaners
Air freshener
Toilet cleaning items
Exterior Cleaning items

Exterior Paint – Please contact temple for details
Garage paint – 2 Gals
Lawn Weed killers
Lawn fertilizer
Storage Boxes (Heavy duty) – 10
Tea candles – 500
Push mover -1
Kitchen rugs

Rugs for outside

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