The Significance of IL Poya Day

  • It is the last Poya in the rainy season.

  • The announcement of the future Buddhahood of Maitriya Bodhisatva.

  • The first Buddhist Missionery activity by Sixty Arahaths.

  • Jatila Brothers-Uruwela, Nadi, Gaya the Buddhist Order.

  • Festival of "Devahaona" or Ascendency to Tavthisa.

  • Acceptance of a Robe from the Future Buddha to be Maitriya, who was a disciple of Gautama Buddha,

  • Pirinirvana of "Dharmasenapathi" one of the Chief Disiples Sariputta.

Katina Dharma Deshana

All Dhamma Deshana will be available here.

Atavisi Buddha Pooja

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